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Webuild closes the missing link in Melbourne

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Closing the missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network, Italian company Webuild has expanded its presence in Australia with the design and future construction of the North East Link Tunnels.

The North East Link project is the largest private-public partnership for an infrastructure project in Australia, connecting Melbourne’s north and south-east using three-lane twin tunnels.

A predicted 135,000 vehicles will use the North East Link every day, providing an essential link in the city’s freeway network, reducing travel time by 35 minutes for commuters while maintaining local roads for local trips and the environmental impact.

The project will also allow vehicles to travel between Melbourne’s suburbs to the airport without encountering a single traffic light.

As a global leader in sustainable infrastructure with a presence in 50 countries, Webuild’s track record includes the construction of approximately 80,300 kilometres of roads and motorways, and the excavation of around 2,400 kilometres of tunnels.

Webuild has a significant history with Australia, recently opening a second office in the country in Melbourne and collaborating with the University of Melbourne on two scholarships to encourage female students to become engineers. It has a similar collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney, and recently signed an agreement with the University of Queensland.

Webuild is also building Snowy 2.0, the largest hydropower project in the country.

With construction on the tunnelling contract due to begin in 2022, Australia continues to be a strategic market for Webuild, offering endless possibilities in the sustainable mobility and renewable energy market.


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