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The lifechanging potential of the Italian life sciences sector

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Life sciences are increasingly looking for a multidisciplinary approach which goes beyond traditional medicine, through cooperation between doctors, mathematicians, and bioinformatic experts to improve knowledge on the relationship between DNA, lifestyle, environment, and diseases. And Italy is spearheading the global life science sector, with the best and fastest growing Life Science sector in Europe ranking high in terms of competitiveness, productivity and investment in R&D.

COVID-19 has re-affirmed the importance of the life sciences approach to prevent, test and treat illness, and Australia has a high demand for the products and technology that many Italian pharmaceutical companies offer. Companies such as Diasorin.

As world leaders in the laboratory diagnostics market, Diasorin specialises in immunodiagnostics, a technology based on detecting antibodies and antigens to measure

physiological function markers or show the presence of diseases in human fluid samples.

The Company has been developing, producing and marketing reagent kits for laboratory diagnostics all over the world, for over 50 years.

“The demand for the technology is strong and growing in Australia,” says Joshua Glason, Diasorin’s Managing Director in Australia and New Zealand. “Australian scientists and pathology organisations are global leaders in many aspects of In Vitro Diagnostics, and DiaSorin Australia partners strongly with a wide array of service providers here.”

Diagnosis is the first step towards understanding a person’s state of health and Diasorin offers tests that are precise and reliable to enable delivery of early diagnosis of various pathologies for millions of people who will then be able to receive the most appropriate therapy.

“We are involved with a wide variety of clinical areas such as Gastro-Intestinal Health, Cardiovascular Health, Bone and Mineral Health, Hormone testing, Vitamins and many different types of Infectious Disease agents,” says Glason. “Our testing menu extends way beyond COVID 19.”

Innovation is in the DNA of the Italian life science sector, with its success stemming from an ecosystem and environment that supports growth, innovation and exports. For example, Italy has 6 sciences parks and 12 dedicated life sciences centres of excellence and 16 CNR research centres dedicated to life sciences. There are 50 universities in Italy with programs related to the life science field, demonstrating the continuous improvement in Italian research, education and innovation.

Glason agrees that the support of an ecosystem that supports innovation is pivotal to the evolution of their technologies.

“The major role of DiaSorin Australia is to deliver this outstanding Global R&D to our local community with great quality and care. We do this by investing in high levels of education, with our employees as well as the wider pathology community, and we invest strategically into local cohort research studies that may help the future of diagnostics particular to our people.”

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