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The Italians keeping Australians on track

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With a warm history of connection between Australia and Italy, it’s no wonder that Italian company MERMEC is doing its part to keep Australian trains safe.

As industry leaders and innovator specialists, MERMEC has been Italy’s reliable and pioneering developer of high-tech solutions for railway and steel industries for over 40 years, known for its safety, efficiency and reliability, earning its place among the elite of Italy’s technology exports.

Creating and using cutting edge technology to monitor rail infrastructures and rolling stock, the diagnostic vehicles of MERMEC serve conventional, high speed and heavy haul railways, as well as light rail systems and metros.

Since 2011, MERMEC has been keeping trains on track around Australia with a total of four measuring vehicles owned by BHP in Western Australia, the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia and Sydney Trains in New South Wales with self-propelled 130 Km/h ROGER 800 diagnostic vehicles, complete with a number of related systems and services. Furthermore, many other diagnostic systems have been provided across Australia.

Fast, modern and secure, the vehicles were chosen by the largest railway operator in New South Wales, Sydney Trains, to find the faults along over 1600km of lines that provide passenger transport services in the metropolitan and suburban areas of Sydney. Covered in cameras and sensors, each fault found has prevented derailment, power failure and accidents before they happen.

By allowing Sydney Trains to thoroughly analyse an infrastructure, systematically monitor its deterioration over time and singling out any flaws or defects, MERMEC has been keeping Australian trains and its commuters safe across Australia as they continue to be contracted for state rail authorities in Western Australia and Melbourne, proving that it is the peak of Italy’s safety technology for railways.

As railway travel becomes more popular across Australia through the introduction of trams and trains, MERMEC continues to bring high technology for the security of Australian railways, one track trip at a time.

To find out more visit railway-technology.com/contractors/track/mermec/


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