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Kitchen alchemy with Italian style and Smeg craftsmanship

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Smeg has forged a global brand dominance in luxury kitchen appliances. Its unmistakable collaboration with fashion design powerhouse Dolce & Gabbana has produced a covetable collection of small appliances emblazoned with the symbols of Sicily in the Sicily is my Love range.

And now things are stepping up a notch as the brand launches a new collaboration with one of Italy’s most lauded architects, Guido Canali. The result is Dolce Stil Novo, a luxurious collection of appliances which will allow the home cook to reach new levels of sophistication and precision in the culinary arts. Two standouts of the comprehensive collection include the Blade Flame cooktop and the world’s first domestic Blast Chiller.

With signature Italian design and innovation, the Blade Flame uses patented technology to set a new record for low energy consumption. A single, vertical ‘blade’ of fire rings the titanium coated burners, minimising heat loss and transferring maximum power to the cooking vessel. Blade Flame burners are 20 per cent more efficient than other gas burners, substantially more powerful, and the premium titanium coating ensures longevity, durability and the ability to withstand temperatures up to 1100°C.

Meanwhile, the first-ever domestic Blast Chiller also celebrates the best of form and function, allowing the user to reimagine the possibilities of cooking and entertaining at home.

The true multi-tasker has a temperature range from -35 to 75 degrees has been put to the test by chefs and avid home entertainers alike to produce healthier, higher-quality food, to reduce food waste, and to maintain food safety. The diverse functions include deep freezing—reaching -35°C in just two-and-a-half hours to maintain colour, texture, flavour and nutritional value of food.

Meanwhile, blast chilling allows home cooks to ensure food safety by rapidly cooling food to 3°C in under 90 minutes. The new technology also allows for low temperature cooking, programs for easy and safe reheating and proving. And in a function that will delight the serious Prosecco lovers, you can select beverage chilling and achieve the perfect temperature within mere minutes rather than hours.

Both the Blast Chiller and Blade Flame cooktop create new benchmarks for sophistication and technological innovation, maintaining Smeg as a leader in efficiency, proficiency and those unbeatable Italian good looks.

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