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Australian demand for Italian furniture on the rise

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With restrictions on entertainment and travel options – due to the COVID-19 pandemic –consumers worldwide are spending more money on home improvements, including furniture. In Australia alone, the furniture retailing industry revenue is expected to increase at an annualised 2.7% over the next five years to $9.9 billion.

With a growing trend to move away from low-priced assembly pack furniture and quality investment pieces that will stand the test of time, the Italian furniture industry has noticed a decisive rise in sales in Australia over the two-year period 2020-2022.

Nearly 40-50% of luxury furniture production worldwide happens in Italy, a country that has a rich and revered history of furniture craftsmanship. Among the key factors influencing the popularity of Italian furniture is the fact that luxury furnishings are designed with zero margin error, thereby prolonging their durability, and that the industry is at the forefront in terms manufacturing technology and design aesthetics that continue to set global trends.

Whilst the major Italian luxury furniture players continue to dominate the international market, technological advancement and product innovation are seeing newer players emerge who are tapping into markets such as Australia.

Merging the world of Italian design, art, and craftsmanship into the design of stunning game tables, Impatia recognised Australia’s huge potential as a new market.

“We decided to set our sights on Australia as a market for our products because we identified that there is a long-standing culture of game tables in residential households and after all the success we have experienced in North America and the UK, Australia seemed like the next logical step for us,” said Gregg Brodarick, Founder and Creative Director of Impatia.

Located in the heart of the Milan district, Impatia collaborates with talented artisans from across Italy to create pieces that are one-of-a-kind and entirely made in Italy. The combination of luxury, design and play is one that resonates in the Australian market.

“One of our most popular pieces in Australia is the Filotto glass pool table and its range of custom accessories,” says Brodarick. “Our Unootto Black poker table has also been growing in popularity, which was awarded the GOOD DESIGN AWARDS 2021 this year by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum for Architecture and Design.”

Major Italian luxury Italian furniture retailers including Natuzzi, Molteni, Scavolini, Lube, and Poltrona Frau, continue to enjoy the global demand for eco-friendly and multifunctional luxury furniture, with companies such as Natuzzi evolving its most recent range to focus on functionality, sustainability and well-being.

At Milan Design week in September 2021, Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, the brand’s Chief Creative Officer, invited eight designers to translate new furnishing needs to redefine objects and functions in harmony with evolving lifestyles. The new collection, Circle of Harmony, has resonated with the Australian consumer’s desire to marry comfort with functionality and sustainability.

“We are all living with a feeling of constant change and transition towards something, a destination that appears blurred,” explains Pasquale Junior Natuzzi. “The ability to embrace evolution and change and to be enriched by this evolution is an inherent instinct in Mediterranean culture, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our collections.”

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